Hail To The Geek

Artist: Deaf Pedestrians
Album: Popular Songs

I got a spiderman t-shirt
I got Converse that are rotting off my feet
I got a bad mustache
a reoccurring rash
and not a lot of cash
I spend it on my stash
Man it’s good to be a geek

Well it’s good to be a geek
It’s good to be a creep
It’s good to draw my pictures
that no one will ever see.
It’s good to be a geek
It’s good to be unknown
It’s good I’m never waiting
right beside the telephone
Cuz no one ever…

I play dungeons and dragons
I got a 13th level halfling fighter thief
got seven hit die on my backstab
sometimes you know it’s good to be a geek.
It’s good to be a geek
It’s good to play the freak
It’s good to comb my mullet once every other week
As far as I can see
It’s good to play the Wii
Then stay up painting miniatures til 2 or 3
Cuz no one ever…

Someday I’ll learn to play guitar
Start up a band and be a star
And when you wind up pumping gas
Just fill ‘er up and kiss my a$$…

I’m addicted to Star Trek
I’m a Klingon speaking federation freak
I find I’m more inclined
to spend the bulk of my time
on the starship enterprise
than talking to girls I meet

Well I never get the girl
but I like to be alone
cuz i can always m@sterb@te when there’s no one home
it’s good to have a plan
it’s good to be the man
it’s good to download p0rn0 from a website in Japan
cuz no one ever…

Someday I’ll learn to play guitar
Start up a band and be a star
And when you wind up pumping gas
Just fill ‘er up and kiss my a$$…

Ninth grade is when I got the swirlie
tenth grade is when I got the indian burn
four years of continuous wedgies
wore nine pairs of briefs so they could all get a turn
someday I’ll buy a fancy condo
someday I’ll drive a car that’s more than your house
someday you’ll kiss my a$$

It’s good to make some noise
it’s good to scream outloud
it’s good to feel immortal
like your last name is McCloud
it’s good to be a geek
its good to be unseen
its good to watch the Wrath of Khan on a plasma screen
it’s good to be a geek
it’s good to be the man
it’s good to download p0rn0 from a website in Japan
It’s good to be a geek
It’s good to be unknown
It’s good I’m never waiting
right beside the telephone
Cuz no one ever…

I got a bad mustache
a reoccurring rash
and not a lot of cash
I spend it on my stash
Man it’s good to be a geek
You know I don’t intend
To look like Boba Fett
I got my Holland set
Although it makes me sweat
Man it’s good to be a geek!

To the Jack-Hole in the White POS Buick

Listen, all I want to do is drive the speed limit. I’m not looking to race the Indy 500. I’m not out to take Giancarlo Fisichella’s job at Force India. I just want to get to work.

And you sir are not helping.

I don’t want to drive 6 inches from your bumper. I want to drive 2 car lengths behind you so that I can stop in the event of sudden breaking. Driving that close isn’t good. It scares me. Drivers in Fort Wayne scare me. I just want to move forward. The roads are dry, there’s no snow on them, so honestly, what’s the hold up?

So now when I get in the second lane to pass you, you speed up. Speeding up is good. That’s fine, I don’t have to be lead car, I’d just like to drive 35. I’ll gladly get behind you again. That’s fine. Thank you.

So now you’re back to going 25 again now that I’m behind you.


I mean honestly, are you trying to be an ass, or are you that clueless to the world around.

You sir a jerk.

And with that in mind, I’m going to pass you even if it means breaking the speed limit to do so.

Oh, I should have known. You’re busy on a call, pardon me for driving.

I love people.

Pick Mii

bowling.jpgSo we’re starting a Wii bowling league.

I know, it’s hard to believe but there you have it. In real life I’m a crap-tacular bowler. I honestly think that I’ve only ever broken 100 once or twice. On the Wii it would appear that I am doomed to repeat myself. All my friends call me Mr. Nine Pin (mostly because I said, “Hey, call me Mr. Nine Pin”) because I always knock the same 9 pins down, and then for whatever reason I always miss the last one by inches. I’m sure that if I could just master the Wii remote by like half a turn I could be a monster.

Wii bowling isn’t that hard. Jace has bowled 5 times now I think. He started out with 96, 121, 148, 183 and a 89. He was the first Soulliere to get a Turkey and then a Fourth, and he’s convinced that will be able to bowl a perfect game soon.

And frankly, I believe him.

So back to this league thing. We’ve invited some friends, we’ll do this twice a month on Sunday night, and go through May or June (I forget how Bobby worked it out). So I’m excited, it should be fun.

Now comes the hard part: thinking of a name for our team (Michelle and myself). This is what we’ve come up with so far:

  • Team Spirit
  • Smells Like Team Spirit
  • Spare Mii
  • Last Pin Standing
  • 7:10 to Yuma
  • Team Michelle
  • Bob & The Wonder Twins
  • Lover’s Lanes
  • Pin Me
  • Perfect 10
  • 10 to Go
  • Freeze Frame
  • As you can see we’re down to two possible choices. We like Spare Mii, because well, that’s all I’m hoping for. Yet on the other hand, if we choose Freeze Frame, we’ve got a built in theme song, and I *know* that Jon is going to sing it every time we step up to bowl; it’s just his way.

    We’ve talked about handicaps for our league, but if Jace, who’s never bowled in real life, let alone Wii bowling can have a spread of 89 to 183, I think ‘any given Sunday’, anyone of us can bowl a great game. But we’ll see what the rest of the folks think about it.

    All that having been said, I’m pretty excited, not because of the bowling, because I’m not overly bent on proving my prowess, I’m just stoked to laugh at my friends, and have them laugh at me as well. That’s what it’s all about really, just spending time with people you like, and dag-gum-it, people who can stand being around you for a while.

    I’ll keep you posted as things go along. Who knows, maybe I’ll figure it out and I’ll be bowling 200+ games… or at least watching Michelle bowl 200+ games.

    2008: A Better “Me” Through “You”

    If you’ve been tracking my entries in 2008, you will have noticed a distinct lack of any mention of resolutions and promises to do things that most likely I will have already messed up. This year I’ve decided that I’m taking a different approach to things.

    As I look around my life, I realize how truly blessed I am. It’s more than the fact that I am employed, that I have a roof over my head, a way to get to and from places, two awesome boys, an amazing wife and enough technology to choke several camels. The more I reflect on my circumstances, the more firmly I am convinced that my real success is measured by those people around whom I consider my dear friends.

    If you’ve met me at all, or even read any of my writings you’ll know what a tremendous dork I am. I’m a nerd, a goof ball, and often times way too full of myself for my own good. I can be callous, a jack ass, thoughtless, self-centered, and a tad-bit short sighted. Yet as I gaze the circle of my landscape, I am overwhelmed at the bright stars I see surrounding me. There are people in my life, who know all those things about me and more, and despite my best efforts they are still there (though I might argue that some there because they work with me and have little choice in the matter). They humor me by laughing at my often flat jokes, they take one for the team and stop by these very pages just so I think someone is reading these things. They go along with my hair brained ideas, and willing show up when my flighty side rears its ugly head and tosses something together at the last minute. These amazing spirits are my friends, and I am who I am because of their footprints on my heart and mind.

    I want to be a better “me”. I want to be more honest, more loving, more thoughtful, more loyal, more open minded, more globally aware, more healthy, more determined, more focused, more giving, more carefree, and most important, more deserving of the friendships that I so enjoy. But I know that I cannot be those things by myself. I realize that to be a better “me”, I need “you”.

    That’s a hard thing for me to admit. I struggle with needing people. I don’t want to. I don’t want to rely or count on anyone else for anything. People will let you down, they’ll break your heart, they’ll hurt you. They’ll take any dirt they have on you and throw it in your face. They’ll reject you. If I can keep myself for needing anyone, then I can protect myself from all those things. If I can do things on my own strength, my own talents, then I never have to share, I never have to expose my true self, I never have to fear or hope or want. I’ll never have to admit that I am weak, flawed, broken, and incomplete.

    Inside I know that I am…. weak, flawed, broken and incomplete.

    To be whole, I need “you”. You contain my missing pieces. You have the tools to mend those things that are broken inside. If I want to be complete, I need “you”. And think I’m okay with that… or at least I’m working on becoming okay with that. So with that in knowledge as my basis for action, I have put my mind to the task of looking at those around me to see those things in them that I can learn from to improve who I am inside. I want to distill all that is good in “you” and drink it in. By focusing on your light, I won’t see the dark. I won’t stumble on anything that might drive me nuts, but I’ll see you in a new way. My perspective will have changed, my outlook more positive.

    And then when I can see you in the best light, I can begin to see others around me, strangers in a new way. I can train myself to see the good in everyone and not cling to the imperfect. If you can see the good, then you can develop it, bring it out, grow it, foster it, and in the end, the world will be better off for the efforts.

    Because I am learning from you, when I stumble, I know who I can look to for strength, I won’t be alone since you’re there, and you’re already a success at it. I will have the encouragement I need to finish the race ahead.

    “The greatest good you can do for another is not just share your riches, but to reveal to him, his own.”
    -Benjamin Disraeli

    I think this YouTube video by Tim Hawkins captures the true spirit of friendship

    “I’d like to be the sort of friend that you have been to me. I’d like to be the help that you’ve been always glad to be; I’d like to mean as much to you each minute of the day, as you have meant, old friend of mine, to me along the way.”
    – Edgar A. Guest