Lou Dobbs is a nobbs

Some times Lou Dobbs speaks before he thinks. During the past week Hillary Clinton has been hitting Obama on the idea that all he does is makes is just pretty speeches, that you need more than just words, you need solutions. So Barack has been stumping using phrases like, “I have a dream”, just words, “All men are created equal” and what not; obviously indicating that some words are more than “just words”. Apparently Lou Dobbs didn’t get that memo when he berates Obama for not understanding the importance of those words. The absolute best is Candi’s face at the end of the clip. She is in total horror that Mr. Dobbs doesn’t get it. 🙂

Mediocre Melancholy Monday

Today is one of those days where I’m not sure how to feel.


Yeah, I think that’s the word.

No. No, I take that back. “Bleh” isn’t the word. That expresses too much emotion. Perhaps “meh”; that might be a better choice. It’s a careless indifference, like you’ve just taken all the wires in your brain labeled “feelings” and just unplugged them and all you’re left with is a dull throbbing in your skull. Not so painful that you want to take an aspirin, but something that you are constantly aware of.

Maybe it’s the weather. I mean honestly, what are you supposed to do with a day that is bright and sunny, and yet bitterly cold; then its snowing like a fiend, and then goes back to grey.

I’m having a grey day. Maybe I just need a hug…. Or nap. A nap might work. It’s been a long couple of weeks. This weekend was particularly long. With the exception of last night, I don’t think I was in bed before 12:30 (which is unusual for an old man like me) and of course I cannot sleep past 6:00. I’m not cranky yet, just more of a funk.

Stagnant? Maybe that’s it. I haven’t had a chance to accomplish much lately; just maintain. That could be it to. Sometimes I get so many ideas bounding around in my head, if I cannot get them out it starts to hurt.

I need to clean the den. Maybe it’s that notion of unconquered clutter that’s gnawing at me.

You know, on second thought, I’m good., its just another one of those mediocre melancholy Mondays. Carry on.

All We Are

All We Are
by Matt Nathanson

i tasted, tasted love so sweet
and all of it was lost on me
bought and sold like property
sugar on my tongue.

i kept falling over
kept looking backwards
i went broke believing
that the simple should be hard

all we are, we are
all we are, we are
and every day’s a start
at something beautiful

i wasted, wasted love for you
trading out for something new
well, it’s hard to change the way you lose
if you think you’ve never won

all we are, we are
all we are, we are
and every day’s a start
at something beautiful

and in the end, the words don’t matter
cause in the end, nothing stays the same
and in the end, the dreams just scatter and fall like rain

It’s Groundhog’s Day… again.

From our buddy Uncle John’s Almanac:

This celebration originated with German settlers of the 1700s, who brought “Candlemas Day” to America. According to tradition, if the sun shone on Candlemas Day, which came halfway between winter and spring, a badger would see its shadow—which meant six more weeks of winter. There were no badgers in Pennsylvania, so groundhogs, emerging from mid-winter hibernation, were accepted as a substitute.


So there you go… go out and grab a woodchuck, marmot or ground squireel and see if winter will end soon.

And then when you’re done, make sure you sit down and watch Groundhog Day (starring Mr. Bill Murray and the lovely Andie MacDowell).